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The Sun’s Rays - Safety and Security - Privacy

Although originally designed for the commercial sector, more and more homeowners use window films to cool home and conservatories and also to improve home security.

The Sun’s Rays
Window film helps reflect the hot sun and its harmful rays in the summer, and can help to retain heat in winter, protecting you all year round. As well as helping you to stay comfortably cool, it deflects glare that can irritate and distract while reading or watching television. Additionally, these rays will, over time, fade whatever is in their path. Let Sunguard help protect your home and create a relaxing atmosphere indoors.
A Beautiful Home
Our professionally installed window film blocks out 99% of the damaging UV rays that ordinary windows let in. That means woodwork, upholstery; curtains and carpeting will stay beautiful and last longer.
Our window film has a tough and durable surface, keeping it scratch resistant and easily cleanable.
Tinted window film is available in a large range of beautiful shades to co-ordinate with any room in your home. We even offer a clear window film to reduce fading whilst preserving your natural light.
Safety and Security
Ordinary glass can be dangerous and can break and splinter. Installing safety window film reduces the likelihood of injury as it will keep fragments or shattered glass together. Added to this, window films offer your home and added level of security. They help to hold glass in place upon any kind of impact, offering 24 hour protection against intruders, severe storms, and even explosions.
Privacy in your home is a fundamental right, your home is your castle. If you have windows overlooked by neighbours or people passing on the footpath, or own a conservatory and would prefer not to have the blinds closed and obscure your view out - then we have the answer.
We have a range of beautiful shades and colours/neutrals that will enhance the look of your home and create a relaxing private environment.